Switching off

I’ve been working from home for a few years now, and whilst it works for me it’s not for everyone. The obstacle most people have trouble overcoming is how to make sure your personal and professional life do not get too confused. There is lots of advice out there of which the majority is common sense (like having a separate work area) to personal preference (like wearing a tie, even if you are not going to see anyone), but some of it is getting harder to implement in these days of ubiquitous WiFi and mobile technology.

LifeHack have just linked to an article about switching off in the evening. Turn off your computer (and phone) and go do something else. Sounds good in principle, but what – if you are really honest – if you don’t want to?

My solution is to dual-boot: Microsoft Windows for work (a necessary evil, and Linux for play. An old fashioned idea syou might think, but the secret sauce is the improved power management available in Linux these days. When I’ve finished my day job (or need to change gears at say lunchtime) I tell my Thinkpad to hibernate, then turn the machine back on and resume my Linux session I hibernated earlier.

It works for me, and it may work for you to.